Hay Making

We are able to offer a complete or part solution when it comes to Haymaking wether it be conventional hay bales or round bales and for the larger unit we can provide 4 or 6 string sqaure baling where quantity permits. Our service can be tailored to suit your requirements please see some of our services below for further details


MOWING - Mowing is generally carried out through the summer months when making hay/haylage/silage grass is cut with a disc mower and left to wilt prior to turning etc.




TEDDING - Cut grass is spread and turnt to aid the drying process. depending the weather conditions and end use the number of times it may need to be turnt will vary.  to get the grass dry enough for the chosen method of baling and product required.


RAKING - Once the grass has reached the required dry matter for the baling options chosen the grass is then raked in to equal Swaths ready for the Baler of Choice

Conventional Sqaure Baling

SMALL SQUARE BALING - Once the grass is raked into swaths there are various options for the type of baling small conventional bales are often ideal for hay and straw for equestrain customers or sheep farmers as they are easy to handle but require dry storage. 

Round Baling

ROUND BALING - Round bales are commonly used for hay, haylage, and silage where customers have the machinery to move them or enough stock to use bales before they start to deteriate once opened. Our bales are baled with a Mchale round baler with option for chopped bales. This gives consitent bales for density and quality and also enalbes us to get a good output from the baler meaning we are as well suited to baling for farmers or livery yards as stable and land owners.

Round Bale Wrapping

ROUND BALE WRAPPING - For haylage and silage bales once baling has been completed they will need to be wrapped with agri plastic wrap to the required nr of layers to make the bales air tight for storage for use in the winter. We recommend 4 layers for Silage and 6 layers for Haylage some customers choose to go the extra and have 8 layers

Bale Haulage

BALE HAULAGE - We are able to load and haul your bales for you should you not have the equipment to do this.  Most customers prefer to carry out these works thereselves to help keep costs down.


Bale Stacking

BALE STACKING - Once bales have been made customers often require us to stack them into storage areas ready for winter use

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