Grassland Care & Paddock Maintenance

We are able to offer a range of services for you designed to help you get the best from your field.  If there is something you are not sure about dont hesitate to call for free no obligation advice or quote.



Chain Harrowing - Generally carried out in the spring, with a view to remove dead grass level, out minor humps and bumps from winter stocking and encourage new grass growth. And spread and break up any manure etc from muck spreading or animals grazing 


We also have a 4ft trailed set for use behind quad bike for those hard to access paddocks where are mounted set are just to big.


Spring Tyne harrowing


Spring Tyne Harrowing - again Generally carried out in the spring similar to chain harrowing the Tyne harrows are better suited to remove dead grass, moss and thatch to encourage new grass growth. And spread and break up any manure etc from muck spreading or animals grazing 



Overseeding / Reseeding - As part of spring maintenance overseeding can play a big role in helping to keep the weeds in your sward down by spreading grass seed over any poached areas helping to strangle out weeds before they become established.


Rolling - Again generally carried out in the spring after the field has been harrowed with a view to flattening out humps and bumps and encouraging the grass to split to promote a thicker growth and provide a flat surface for any other maintenance works.


We also have a 5ft roller to use behind our quad bike for those hard to access paddocks you cant get a tractor into.


Flail Topping - Carried out throughout the year but generally during the growing season to control unwanted growth of weeds nettles, thistles, buttercups, and un-eaten grass etc to prevent them seeding and spreading and encourage new grass growth.


Hedgecutting - Carried out generally in the winter months but can be done between August and February.  Hedges are trimmed and prunned to prevent the hedges from becoming overgrown and taking up more space.  Regular trimming also helps the hedge to grow into a nice thick hedge preventing stock from escaping and provides a varied habitat for lots of wildlife.


Muck Heap Removal

Muck Heap Removal - A service we offer all year round. Generally we carry out this service on a per load price subject to location. We will load your Horse manure onto our 8.5T trailer and take it away for you leaving you with a clean area ready for your next muck heap.

Muck Spreading

Muck Spreading- Generally carried out during the winter months. We can load and spread your rotted manure onto your paddock or fields to fertilize for future growth, this service would generally also require the paddock to be harrowed afterwards to help break up and spread the muck, aiding the washing in process.

Applying Fertilizer

Fertilizer Application - Another service popular with our Equine Customers is our ability to supply and apply fertilizer to help your paddocks grow.  Fertilizers can help to prevent weed growth by getting the grass growing faster helping to choke out the weeds and improving the soil quality which a lot of the unwanted items in your grass sward dont like thus giving you a more palletable paddock for your animals.

Ditch & Ryhne Maintenance and Cleaning

Ditch & Ryhne Maintenance - We regularly carry out ditch and ryhne maintenance for many of our customers from cleaning the ditches out so they are able to perform adequately and can also level and reseed the arisings once the dried.

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